2023 | Schwimmverein Hattingen

A non-profit swimming club, sponsored by the German Government needed a fresh look to promote their awesome new Project.


Schwimmverein Hattingen


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Content Creation


1.5 months

About the Project

Schwimmverein Hattingen approached me with an exciting project – to create a fresh new look for their innovative initiative. The German government was sponsoring their vision of providing portable swimming pools to communities that lacked access to swimming facilities.

Their existing website lacked character, felt outdated, and offered no recognizability. It provided no elegant means for users to apply for a membership or to promote their new project. With Webflow, we set out to change this.

The result is a timeless, highly effective, conversion-optimized website with a modern and distinctive design. We added numerous subtle yet high-quality animations that breathe life into the site, making key elements stand out. This has greatly increased recognizability.

Through a well-planned navigation structure and strategically placed cross-page links, users are intuitively guided to the contact page.

I want to express my gratitude to Schwimmverein Hattingen for entrusting me with this project and for our wonderful collaboration.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you also implement existing designs in Webflow?

Definitely! If you already have a design for your website, I'll be happy to convert it into Webflow and add animations, etc.

Is Webflow even any good?

In short, yes. Very much so. I have been working with Webflow for years and have been able to convince many customers of the performance, simple content maintenance and individuality of Webflow.

What does a website cost?

Before we talk about money, I want to understand what your project is really about and exactly how I can help you. I usually quote a price range during our analysis meeting to make sure it matches your expectations.

I don't charge by the hour. The services are billed on the basis of a flat project fee. So you know in advance how much your investment is and you don't pay more or less - no matter how long it takes. This price is based on the goals, the scope of work, the requirements, the services and the time schedule of the project.

Do you also work with Wordpress?

No, I work exclusively with Webflow.

How long does a website project usually take?

You can't always say that in general and it depends a lot on our cooperation. But I guarantee a project duration of less than 3 months.