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I unleash practical knowledge gained from working with companies that achieve +7 million monthly website visitors and +15.9 billion in annual revenue.

| +25 satisfied customer

Sounds familiar?

Benefit: paying customer
Benefit: reprensantation of your quality
pain-point: tough competition
pain-point: bad performance
Benefit: paying customer

You have website visitors, but you can't turn them into paying customers?

Benefit: reprensantation of your quality

The design of your website does not represent the quality of your product and actively works against you?

pain-point: tough competition

You can't stand out from your competition and your reach & ranking leave a lot to be desired?

pain-point: bad performance

Your website takes ages to load or is full of bugs?

For companies worth their salt

Your product is worth it!
Time for your website to be too.

Your website as a sales magnet

Achieve 2 to 3 times higher sales through increased conversion rate and lower bounce rate

Become number 1 and set yourself apart

Outperform your competition and dominate your niche / industry!

A website that performs

Your website / shop is not only SEO & Google optimised but also lightning fast!

Content management with ease

Easily change or create new content in minutes, so even a trainee can do it.

Web design that inspires

Turn your customers into fans. Through an impressive website that not only represents your values, but is also super easy to use.

Secure hosting, maintenance-free

State-of-the-art technologies ensure secure & maintenance-free hosting. The best thing: You don't have to worry about anything, everything runs in the background.

Julian Fella: I have had the privilege of working with German mega-corporations that achieve +7 million monthly website visitors and +15.9 € billion in annual turnover.

I let my experience speak for me

Webflow Expert, Web Designer, A-player & Pasta Addict

I unleash practical knowledge gained from working with companies that achieve +7 million monthly website visitors and +15.9 billion in annual revenue.

My project "Solar Journey" was selected to be featured in  The "Best Interactive Web Designs" by DesignRush, a platform known for promoting the best designs.

  • Launch of 25+ websites & online shops

  • +6 years of applied experience in the e-commerce & CMS field

  • Trained web designer & web developer

  • Clear work processes & short communication channels

  • Through a burning passion for design & development, I have deep insights into current trends, technologies & tools.

  • Fast and excellent results instead of long contracts

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Welcome to a world of exclusivity and personal care.

My quality promise


You get my full attention as I focus on a maximum of 2 clients at a time.


With a guaranteed response time of 24 hours, you will always stay informed and feel well looked after.


I give you a satisfaction guarantee for the first month - if something does not meet your expectations, you get your money back.

Clear. Simple. Quick.

My work process


Analysis & Concept

I create a concept that is exactly tailored to you and your goals. This includes an analysis & suggestions for improvement of the existing website, so that your product is represented according to its quality.


Webdesign & Webdevelopment

Customised web design that not only communicates your values but also offers an excellent user experience. Then, with the help of the Power House - Webflow, I will complete your website or online shop in less than 3 months.


Happy End

Handover of the website to you, including instructions on how content maintenance can even be done by an apprentice in the future.

Customer projects

Selected project

Non-profit swimming club - Schwimmverein Hattingen

Website Relaunch

A non-profit swimming club, sponsored by the German Government needed a fresh look to promote their awesome new Project. With Webflow and a more engaging and modern Branding they will to attract more future members.

Webdesign | Webdevelopment | Branding

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Frequently asked questions

Do you also implement existing designs in Webflow?

Definitely! If you already have a design for your website, I'll be happy to convert it into Webflow and add animations, etc.

Is Webflow even any good?

In short, yes. Very much so. I have been working with Webflow for years and have been able to convince many customers of the performance, simple content maintenance and individuality of Webflow.

What does a website cost?

Before we talk about money, I want to understand what your project is really about and exactly how I can help you. I usually quote a price range during our analysis meeting to make sure it matches your expectations.

I don't charge by the hour. The services are billed on the basis of a flat project fee. So you know in advance how much your investment is and you don't pay more or less - no matter how long it takes. This price is based on the goals, the scope of work, the requirements, the services and the time schedule of the project.

Do you also work with Wordpress?

No, I work exclusively with Webflow.

How long does a website project usually take?

You can't always say that in general and it depends a lot on our cooperation. But I guarantee a project duration of less than 3 months.