The Bible of Design: Design Principles.

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In today's Mind FLOWing episode #03, we're delving into the designer's codex – the "design principles" They form the foundation for every well-designed layout, whether it's a fresh Apple page or a captivating street poster. These principles are our day-to-day companions, and understanding and applying them is key due to their significant impact on our lives.

As the cornerstones of every layout you encounter, I'll dedicate an episode to each design principle, so remember to like and follow for these exciting guidelines. Now, let's jump into the cornerstone of design.

The Bible of Design: Design Principles.

Designers, like everyone else, rely on guidelines for a shared understanding of what works. These guidelines are commonly known as "Design principles" extending beyond just the web. They play a more significant role in our lives than one might initially think. Nearly every well-crafted design incorporates at least one of these guidelines, if not more. But how many design principles are there?

The so-called "
7 design principles" include:

  1. Balance
  2. Contrast
  3. Emphasis
  4. Movement & Rhythm
  5. Unity
  6. Proportion
  7. Hierachy

Applying Design Principles in Real-World Examples

Let's explore well-known examples to better understand the principles and their use-cases:


  • Example: Traffic Signs
  • Explanation: Road signs use high contrast between text and background colors to ensure quick and clear readability, especially in fast-paced environments.


  • Example: Call to Action Buttons on Websites
  • Explanation: Websites often use emphasized and contrasting colors for call-to-action buttons to draw attention and encourage user interaction.


  • Example: Branding in Fast-Food Chains
  • Explanation: Fast-food chains maintain unity in their branding by consistently using the same color schemes, logos, and design elements across various locations and marketing materials.

The Psychology Behind Design Principles

Design principles act like the secret sauce of user experience, subtly influencing how we pay attention, understand, and feel. They're the reason you click a button, recall a website, or enjoy scrolling through an app. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about guiding your journey, influencing decisions, and ensuring a positive experience.

Next time you find a website easy to use, colors that make you smile, or a brand you trust, thank the design principles – the unsung heroes shaping how we navigate this digital world.

Conclusion: A Designers most powerful tool

From a stop sign to Burger King branding, design principles are our day-to-day companions. Understanding and acknowledging them is crucial if you want to use them effectively. Thoughtful use of these guidelines enhances your design's premium feel and visual appeal, ultimately increasing user engagement and watch time.

Given their tremendous impact, I'll dedicate one episode to each principle, so give this episode a like and follow for more design and psychology content.

Together, we can make the world a more beautiful place, literally.

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